These are the codes for various algorithms developed by MDO group. The codes are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes.
  • Multiple Spatially distributed Surrogate Assited Multi-objective Optimizer (SAMO). Code Paper
  • SAMO with Improved Selection (SAMO-IS). Code Paper
  • Hybrid Surrogate based Algorithm for CEC 2014 competition benchmarks(HSBA). Code Paper
  • Infeasibility Driven Evolutionary Algorithm (IDEA). Code Paper
  • Decomposition Based Evolutionary Algorithm (DBEA). Code Paper
  • Infeasibility Empowered Memetic Algorithm (IEMA). Code Paper
  • Pareto Corner Search Evolutionary Algorithm (PCSEA). Code Paper
  • Cooperative Co-Evolutionary Algorithm with Adaptive Variable Partitioning (CCEA-AVP). Code Paper


A list of key references in the research area.

Resources for current and potential higher degree research students with MDO group

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